Hotel conference centre makeover reveal

15 October 2021

The completion of the new four-storey extension to the Novotel Tainui Hamilton Hotel last year has been followed by the full refurbishment of the hotel’s conference centre.

General Manager, Philip Hilton, says the hotel’s popularity as both an accommodation destination and an events venue meant the interior makeover would ensure customers’ expectations and requirements continued to be met.

“It was important that we not only changed the look and feel of the spaces, but also to be able to offer our conference clients state of the art technology in a world where connectivity continues to be a key component for any business gathering,” says Phil.

“The completed project now makes the Novotel Tainui one of the leading hotel conference venues in the country.”

The refurbishment features a colour scheme to match hotel suites and glass doors which have been etched with tribal cultural references as an acknowledgement of Waikato-Tainui, the hotel owner.

Etching designer Renata Te Wiata, who is Head of Carving for Waikato-Tainui, says the design is based on the movement and flow of Waikato awa (river). It pays homage to the well-known Waikato iwi tongikura (proverb) – ‘He piko, he taniwha’ – on every bend of the awa is a taniwha.

“The design also features patterns which are included in the design on the exterior of the hotel’s new extension wall which depicts the migration of tuna within the awa. It’s my hope that, when viewed, both designs will remind those who pass of the importance of the Waikato river to our people,” says Renata.