Puna Whakatupu Taangata

Puna Whakatupu Taangata is the Waikato-Tainui investment framework developed by Te Arataura in 2020 with advice from the Group Investment Committee.

Puna Whakatupu Taangata is guided by the following tongikura (proverb):

He waihoopuapua ka mimiti i te raa ko te wai a Rona
He manawa-aa-whenua e kore e mimiti

The spring referenced in this proverb is located at Kaawhia and never runs dry. This unlimited source of water is a metaphor for the benefits and endowments that each generation will build on to leave a better endowment for the next generation.

Puna Whakatupu Taangata provides a governance structure and investment guidelines to oversee and monitor all investment activities undertaken by the Chief Investment Officer (CIO). It outlines the investment principles, beliefs, tikanga and operational guidelines that influence how the Waikato-Tainui funds are invested.

TGH has been appointed the CIO with responsibility to implement Puna Whakatupu Taangata. This involves managing the majority of tribal commercial assets within the four tribal funds:

  • Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust Endowment Fund
  • Sir Robert Mahuta Endowment Fund
  • River Initiatives Fund
  • Co-Management Fund

Statements of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) specifying the investment policies, objectives and parameters are in place for each fund. As CIO, TGH is required to:

  • Deliver an annual 2.5% of net assets cash payment (“distribution”) for the current generation
  • Grow the real (inflation adjusted) value of the portfolio moo ngaa mokopuna o aapoopoo (future generations)


Puna seeks to balance the need for: