Toro Atu Ki Te Rangi. The Skyline is A-Changing

Not only is the skyline changing, so too is the number of hotel rooms that will be available in Hamilton and that’s important in a city seeing ever increasing demand for accommodation.

“We are seeing growing demand for more rooms in our city and so it is really pleasing that TGH is undertaking this expansion. Adding another 40 rooms means that, between the Novotel Tainui Hamilton and our sister hotel the Ibis Tainui Hamilton, we will be able to offer the two hotels as a complex of around 340 rooms,” says Dick.

“This is a great positive development to attract more and larger conferences to Hamilton. In addition, the design and quality of the new rooms is outstanding.”

The exterior north-facing wall will feature a unique design created by tribal members Taroi Rawiri and Renata Te Wiata that is inspired by our tupuna awa (ancestral river) Waikato river. The beginnings of the design, which extends five storeys high, can be seen in the photo above.

“We are really pleased that the hotel design incorporates Waikato tribal features and was driven by the fact that we have our Waikato river right on our doorstep,” says Dick.

Understandably a construction project of this size creates an impact however staff are doing their best to minimise inconvenience for guests.

“The main impact of the construction is the limited forecourt that is now available. We have scheduled extra staff during peak periods to try to minimise the effect on the arrival and departure experience for guests.” 

Dick says a mock-up room which has been created to show how the new rooms will look is creating some excitement, as is the construction project crane.

“Once they have seen the rooms you get the feeling that they can’t wait for the new wing to finish. And people are also commenting on the fact that we have the only crane in town at the moment and remarking that TGH is building on the future of the city. It is great to be part of this project.” 

Construction is due to be completed in April 2020.

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