Director changes at TGH

Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) today advised of two directorship changes at the intergenerational investor for Waikato-Tainui.

Tukoroirangi Morgan has taken on the director role previously held by Paki Rawiri as one of the Waikato-Tainui shareholder’s two tribal representatives on the board of TGH, effective 25 May 2015. The other change is that Joanna Perry, the advisor to the board has resigned effective from 22 June.

TGH Chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden welcomed Mr Morgan with his extensive knowledge of Waikato-Tainui and wider Iwi affairs, and thanked Mr Rawiri for the leadership qualities and valued insights he brought as a director. Sir Henry also thanked Joanna Perry for her energetic contribution over the past three years. Joanna Perry made the decision to resign because she holds a wide range of other directorships and wanted to avoid any potential for conflict of interest in the future as TGH pursues a strategy to diversify its investments.

Sir Henry said that the TGH Board will review its current and emerging skill set needed in light of its continuing diversification strategy, before seeking to appoint a replacement advisor to the Board vacated by Ms Perry. The current directors of TGH now include; Sir Henry van der Heyden (Independent Chair), Hemi Rau and Tukoroirangi Morgan representing WaikatoTainui, and independent directors Mike Allen and Matthew Cockram.


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