It’s No Bull. Farm Clean-Up Is Getting Done!

These past two years have been focused on a range of effluent management system improvements on three dairy farms so that all four dairy properties are now fully compliant, future-proofed and more sustainable.

Improvements at the Hukanui farm have included the relocation and upgrade of the pump and stirrer system, installation of a new gravel trap and an extension to the area that can be irrigated, and a new irrigator.

The Punawai farm now has a new storage tank to replace the geographically challenging pond. And like Hukanui, Punawai also has a new gravel trap, pump and stirrer, an extended irrigation area and a new irrigator.

The Tainui Rd farm has been upgraded with a new sump and gravel trap, new pump and stirrer and a new large, lined effluent pond. 

All these improvements were designed and project managed by Waikato Milking Systems (WMS), an award-winning company that is one-third owned by TGH and which also supplied the equipment. This video by WMS shows the work and improvements made at Tainui Rd farm, including early earthworks to install the pond.

And the result? Effluent storage at all four dairy farms has been increased and is secure, the systems and equipment are more efficient with reduced risk of failure, and areas that can be irrigated have been enlarged to provide more options for effluent recycling. The downstream benefits include less impact on the environment and reduced need for fertiliser.

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