Carrying on in the face of a pandemic

Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel under construction

The start of construction in 2019 of Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel, a 5-Star luxury destination right outside the international airport terminal, was a proud moment for TGH and for our iwi.

But when COVID-19 hit and tourism disappeared almost overnight, TGH was faced with a huge decision: abandon the development or carry on?

To be fair, the decision wasn’t a difficult one for us. If possible, we would not walk away from what was intended to be one of the finest hotels in Taamaki Makaurau, named by our King for its grandeur and mana, and carrying one of the titles used by his late much-loved mother.

However, a compromise was needed and together with our joint venture partner Auckland Airport, we made the decision that we would complete the exterior of the hotel then put the interior fit-out on hold until the tourism market returned.

Since that decision our construction contractor, Dominion Constructors, has been busy. All nine floors are now in place, and the installation of exterior glazing is underway. The expected completion date for the exterior is August this year.

Clearly this is not an ideal situation and it’s just one of the many impacts of COVID-19. However, this hotel remains a priority and its construction is contributing to our nation’s economic recovery.

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